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Project Description
An Excel AddIn to enable using PowerShell for Excel automation.

This is an Excel addin that adds a PowerShell engine to Excel. On installation a new ribbon called PowerShell is added with a button to show/hide a custom task pane containing a PowerShell console. The console contains two textboxes, the upper is for entering PowerShell commands, and the lower displays output. There is also a toolbar with buttons to start and stop PowerShell command execution and to clear the output textbox.

When running the commands, the current instance of the Excel.Application object is available as a PowerShell variable named $Application. You can use:


to display the Excel application name


$Application.ActiveCell = "value"

to set the active cell value to "value"


If you know your way around, and you think using PowerShell for Excel automation is not a bad idea, please join.

Documentation pages

Global Variables Support in Console
Read-Host Functionality
Prompt for Parameters
Read-ExcelRange (Cmdlet)

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